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ECC Vision Article Most-Read in December

CHICAGO, IL (January 4, 2010) – President Gary Walter’s article about the accomplishments as well as challenges for the Evangelical Covenant Church was the most-read online news story published by Covenant News Service in December.

Walter noted that, “Quite simply, we are countering most trends facing denominations today. We are growing – growing more diverse, growing more in conscience, and growing more aware of the world.” The article also became the basis for articles written by several media organizations.

The headlines below were the most popular stories in December of 2009.

  • Big Things for God? Try Little Things for People
  • Family, Community Mourn Death of 11-Year-Old
  • Changing Ministry Priorities Drive Change in Traditions
  • Carolers Provide Gift They Never Anticipated
  • Holmgren Named President of Cleveland Browns
  • Barn May Be Ordinary, But Christmas Eve Service Is Not
  • Covenanter Oversees Famed Sherlock Holmes Collection
  • The Night of First Christmas
  • Covenanter Designs Advent App for iPhone
  • Small Ministry Delivers Big Impact Using Medical Test Kits

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