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Presidential Nominating Committee Selected

CHICAGO, Aug. 25, 2021—The 136th Covenant Annual Meeting in June 2022 will include an election for the office of President, among other important matters. Presidential terms are four years. An incumbent may be nominated to serve again.  

A 27-member Presidential Nominating Committee (PNC) has been identified according to the provisions of the Covenant Constitution and Bylaws, specifically bylaws section 7.9, which governs the nominating process. It identifies that members of the PNC shall consist of 12 members of the Covenant Executive Board elected by the Executive Board; the chairs of each of the 11 regional conferences; and one member each from the boards of Benevolence, Ordered Ministry, North Park University, and Pension and Benefits, each elected by its respective board. 

Those 27 members are:  

  • Dan Almquist, Kennard, Texas, Midsouth Conference Chair 
  • Hilary Applequist, Omaha, Nebraska, Board of Benevolence 
  • Terence Barg, Breton, Alberta, Canada, Canada Conference Chair 
  • Shirley Bragdon, Safety Harbor, Florida, Southeast Conference Chair 
  • Jon Bonkoski, Arden Hills, Minnesota, Covenant Executive Board 
  • Rachel Burke, Fayetteville, Georgia, Board of Pensions and Benefits 
  • Will Davidson, San Ramon, California, Pacific Southwest Conference Chair 
  • Steve Dawson, Morton Grove, Illinois, Board of Ordered Ministry 
  • Beth Fredrickson, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, North Park University 
  • Roberto Ghione, Simi Valley, California, Covenant Executive Board 
  • Doris Granberry, Miami, Florida, Covenant Executive Board 
  • David Holder, New Rochelle, New York, Covenant Executive Board 
  • Diane Leavitt, Sammamish, Washington, Covenant Executive Board 
  • Travis Nordstrom, Gretna, Nebraska, Midwest Conference Chair 
  • Adam London, Bethel, Alaska, Alaska Conference Representative
  • Julie Persson, Carrollton, Texas, Covenant Executive Board 
  • Phil Print, Cottage Grove, Minnesota, Covenant Executive Board 
  • Sue Poston, New Brighton, Minnesota, Covenant Executive Board 
  • Merideth Randles, Seattle, Washington, Covenant Executive Board 
  • Vicky Reier, Arvada, Colorado, Covenant Executive Board 
  • Tom Sharkey, Youngstown, Ohio, Great Lakes Conference Chair 
  • Kurt Tillman, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Central Conference Chair 
  • Dwain Tissell, Happy Valley, Oregon, Covenant Executive Board 
  • Jim Volling, Wayzata, Minnesota, Northwest Conference Chair 
  • Michel Williams, Washington Depot, Connecticut, East Coast Conference Chair 
  • Rebecca Worl, Issaquah, Washington, Pacific Northwest Conference Representative 
  • Cindy Wu, Sugar Land, Texas, Covenant Executive Board 

The Presidential Nominating Committee is charged with bringing one candidate to the next Annual Meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. The committee’s work will begin in September when it will select its own officers and determine its own procedures.  

Comments may be sent to presidentsearch@covchurch.org. All communication sent to this email will be for PNC use only and will be provided to every member of the PNC. Please include your name, town/state, and church affiliation to help PNC members with identification. 

Developments will be posted online at CovChurch.org

* Updated on August 26, 2021

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