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Ordered Ministry and Develop Leaders Nominating Committee Announced

October 6, 2021

The 136th Covenant Annual Meeting in June 2022 will include an election for the office of the Executive Minister of Ordered Ministry and Develop Leaders, among other important matters. Executive ministers serve for four-year terms. An incumbent may be nominated to serve again.

The candidate is nominated by the Board of the Ordered Ministry, with the concurrence of the Executive Board and the annual meeting of the Covenant Ministerium, according to the provisions of the Covenant Constitution and Bylaws, specifically bylaws section 7.9, which governs the nominating process.

The members of the Ordered Ministry and Develop Leaders Nominating Committee are:

  • Marco Ambriz
  • Sharon R. Anderson
  • Deborah Blue
  • Taylor Burgoyne
  • Ed Carey
  • Dennis Carlson
  • Steven Dawson
  • Guadalupe Dany Flores
  • Randall E. Friesen
  • Catherine Gilliard
  • Debbie Hamilton
  • Win Houwen
  • David W. Kersten
  • Peter Kim
  • Juan Martinez
  • Darrell L. Nelson
  • Victoria J. Reier
  • TJ Smith
  • John S. Wenrich
  • Samuel Williams

The committee held its first meeting in September. Click here for further updates on its process.

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