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ACSD members have the option of posting a brief bio on this site. New bios are being added regularly, so check back for additions. Many directors offer some gratis sessions. If their gratis direction is already spoken for fees may be pro-rated based on need. Take note of directors’ availability for new directees, access to electronic meetings, etc., and pray for God’s leading as you choose.

Perhaps you are seeking additional directors of ethnic diversity. Some may also have language preferences. Please contact us, and we will introduce and connect you to one of our Covenant ethnic association partners for further help.

Central Conference

Regional Network Contact: Bob Tenglin

East Coast Conference

Regional Network Contact: Theresa Marks

Great Lakes Conference

Regional Network Contact: Jennifer Andersson

Midwest Conference

Regional Network Contact: David Dillon

Northwest Conference

Regional Network Contact: Karin Bergstrom

Pacific Northwest Conference

Regional Network Contact: Merrie Carson

Pacific Southwest Conference

Regional Network Contact: Nancy Lewis

Southeast Conference

Regional Network Contact: Veronica Gilliard

There are no bios listed for these conferences at this time


Regional Network Contact: Email ACSD


Regional Network Contact: Janice Kelly


Regional Network Contact: Randall Friesen


Regional Network Contact: Email ACSD

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