I was born and raised in Mexico City until I was twelve years old. I grew up experiencing and witnessing extreme levels of emotional, verbal, and physical abuse. My days as a child were always filled with sadness and fear. As a little girl, I could not feel my own pain as I witnessed and received the abuse, therefore my pain turned to anger. I remember not wanting to be angry, but couldn’t help it. I now know the anger being exhibited was my heart screaming for comfort, begging my parents to pursue my behavior and to understand where the anger was coming from.

I desired my parent’s unconditional love. I wanted them to say of me how sweet my heart was and how proud they were of me. My father drank on a daily basis and the abuse increased. It was during a severe domestic violence incident that my father got arrested and deported. His visa was taken away. My mom stayed behind with four of us children, no resources in sight, and facing deportation. Our most basic sense of safety was torn from us. We could no longer say we would be okay. Little by little, with the help of a connection we had from an acquaintance, a Spanish church pulled together to help us.

It was during that time, that an old friend of the family offered his help and befriended us. At first, he was like a father to us. He provided for so many of our needs as children. In time, he began to pursue my brothers and me sexually and became very obsessed with us, taking us out of school to have lunch, having sexual conversations with us, inappropriately touching us and exposing us to pornography.

It was also during this time that I became a Christian and enjoyed the sweet fellowship of believers in the church. Unfortunately, the pastor was approaching some of the teenage girls in very inappropriate sexual ways. One of them was me. In time, with enough accusations, he left the church.

I continued to grow in my relationship with God. I would go and meet with God at a park where I could take walks around a lake and talk with him. So much healing and restoration happened as I experienced God satisfying my heart with his love. During that time, I met my husband. He is God’s gift to me, a godly, safe man who has shown me unconditional love. We have been married for twelve years now and have three beautiful children. So much healing has happened in our lives. We are so touched by the redemption we have experienced, especially as we now have the sweet honor of having a church plant and ministering to others from the healing we have received.

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