Due to the extreme poverty in which Rocio lived, her parents sold her to a well-to-do family. In the beginning all was well, but as time passed and as Rocio grew, the nine brothers in this family began to rape her. This affected her to the point that she tried to kill herself. Her self-esteem was low, and life held no meaning for her; she had always thought that in her adopted family she would find the support that she never had.

Rocio ran away from this “family” to live in the country. After some time, she had to flee because of the rebel armies, and the only work that she found to support herself was prostitution. She has two daughters.

Rocio speaks with hope when she talks about when Christ entered her life. Even though the way has been difficult because of the extreme poverty in which she lives, the lack of work, and family support, today she is a happy and grateful woman for the Lord’s daily provisions.

God has done great things in her life. One of the spiritual gifts that he has given her is the gift of service. Presently she is serving in the new church plant, Springs of Life, and hopes to help out as a greeter, receiving the people.

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