Men Preventing Violence

Men are invited to join with the Evangelical Covenant Church to partner in the call to end violence against women and children. This work cannot be complete without the partnership of men and women working together. Women and men working together is the first movement toward unity, equality and peace.

Violence against women and children prevails simply because the infrastructure of our society supports it. The marginalization and devaluation of any people always makes them more vulnerable to harm. Only together can we dismantle belief systems, social structures, and institutional practices that oppress women and children and consequently dehumanize men as well.

“If you have come to help us, you are wasting your time. But, if you have come because your liberation is bound up with our liberation, let us work together.” – Lili Watson, Aboriginal Australian woman

Many men hold sexist beliefs and these beliefs fuel their choices to assault women with whom they are partnered. Cultural norms and social and institutional practices often promote and act out of those sexist beliefs, allowing men to get away with their assaults. Men preventing violence against women and children is about social justice, but for the Christian man it should also be about theological integrity. The focus of every Christian man, whether he is abusive or not, can be ending the conditions that enable and perpetuate men’s violence against women and children with whom they are in intimate relationships.