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Cardholder Feedback

Cardholder Feedback

“Bethany Benefit has been incredible to me and my family. We have five children, and Bethany has given us dependable insurance coverage for everything we have needed – from hospital care to checkups. More than the insurance, though, has been the personal service we have received from Bethany. I have been able to call with questions and always gotten clear answers from friendly and professional staff. It is this service, more than anything, that I appreciate about Bethany!”
– Scott Nelson, pastor at Covenant Grove Church in Modesto, California

“I want to commend…the staff of Bethany Benefit on the wonderful work you are doing on behalf of me and my wife. You have served us with excellent health care support and have been a very helpful resource for information as well as an advocate with our insurance provider when questions and concerns have arisen. We have always appreciated your personal response to us over the years that has given us assurance of Bethany Benefit’s partnership in our health concerns.”
– Merrill Kindall, retired Covenant pastor

“We have been a part of the services [Bethany Benefit Service] provides for many years now and we have always been taken care of in a wonderful and caring way when a need arose. Aside from the normal insurance needs that a family has, we had a more difficult situation a number of years ago involving the health needs of our son. The help they provided to ensure that we received the medical treatment that was needed when the insurance company was considering denying our claim was invaluable and so appreciated by our family.”
– anonymous Covenant pastor

“Bethany Benefit offers a comprehensive insurance product with competitive rates and personal customer service. While most insurance companies experience skyrocketing costs, Bethany Benefit has countered this trend with very modest increases. We have been with Bethany Benefit since they were established thirteen years ago and would recommend their service to others.”
– Alita Richter; business and office manager at Modesto Covenant Church in Modesto, California

“My wife, Darlene, and I are very grateful to Bethany Benefit. This package cannot be purchased from any other source at the price given to us. All health insurance is expensive, but I am thankful that the leaders of churches I have served have approved our continuing participation. We have had reason over the years to make claims for a variety of reasons – hospitalization, prescription drugs, eye and dental care – and have found the process to be clean and simple. I am grateful for the care and foresight of leaders in the Covenant who established and continue to creatively and economically manage this much needed service.”
– Don Ostrom, pastor at Bethany Covenant Church in DuBois, Pennsylvania

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