Covenant Executive Board Updates


Covenant Executive Board Updates

Strategic Alignment Team

The overall task of the strategic alignment team is to listen to the wider Covenant to assess needs and opportunities in the present reality in order to determine how the denominational team can better serve the needs of the entire Covenant church body. The overall goal is to assess and realign methods to better serve the local church and conferences in order to further the Covenant mission.

This process will include reviewing what the Covenant is currently doing—through resources, initiatives, curricula, etc.—and how those efforts can be more streamlined and collaborative in key areas in order to be as effective as possible for decades to come.

In order to move the mission forward, we must address the increasing needs of pastors, churches, and conferences. COVID-19 has disrupted the world and accelerated every concern. The denominational team at Covenant Offices will be evaluating how to increase efficiencies and continue to seek ways to increase income while decreasing expenses.

The Evangelical Covenant Church must proactively adapt so it is not forced to make changes in an emergency. Rather, we seek to be forward-thinking and plan ahead. Now is the time to identify how we can bring all areas of the Covenant into greater alignment so we are well-resourced to continue with the mission of impacting the world with the gospel.

The members of the strategic alignment team are: Dierdra Clark, John Fanous, Greg Jao, Glenn Peterson, Doug Stevens, Gustavo Torres, Diane Leavitt, Claire McClun, Angela Yee, and John Wenrich.

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Update | October 2020

These past few months, the SAT has conducted many listening mechanisms and received significant input from the denomination. The team heard inspiring examples of God at work, sat with the pain of those who are hurting, and was honored to hear the hopes and dreams of those who call the Covenant home. The team received thousands of comments. To better align and serve the growing and changing needs of Covenant conferences and churches, the SAT identified areas of growth, development and improvement, including the need to: improve communication (coordination, cohesion, transparency and frequency), strengthen customer service (responsiveness and speed), resource the denomination (additional tools and support across many areas), and better connect the Covenant with each other (cross-denominational opportunities). Read the full story in Newswire by clicking below.

Video Summary

Angela Yee, team facilitator of the SAT and chief ministry officer of the Evangelical Covenant Church, shares a video update.

One-Page Summary

CLICK HERE to download a one-page summary of key findings from the Strategic Alignment Team.

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Location Advisory Committee

In addition to approving the decision to sell its Chicago office building, the Executive Board also voted to establish a Location Advisory Committee, which will focus on researching and considering all options for what the Covenant workplace will look like in the coming months and years.

Members of the committee include Steve Dawson, Alice Lee, Dr. Georgia Hill, Greg Yee, Rev. Gpe. Dany Flores, Jim Sequeira, Karen Stein, Dr. Robert Owens, Peter Hedstrom, Anita Eyer, John Wenrich, Angela Yee, Steve Klimkowski, and Rebecca González.