A Ministry of Make and Deepen Disciples

“They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.” - Psalm 92:14

How are we staying fresh and green all the days of our lives? This six-week series will focus on a framework for Crescendo living called SPICES. It is intended to inspire boomers and beyond to hear what God is saying about their value in His plan, the importance of continued growth, and the significance of passing on the faith to future generations and serving the Lord in their communities.

Sep 1 - How do we "stay fresh and green?"
Sep 8 - How do we cultivate "fresh growth" spiritually?
Sep 15 - How do we "bear fruit" as we navigate physical endings?
Sep 22 - How do we "bear fruit" in the midst of emotional losses?
Sep 29 - How do we unwrap fresh gifts to serve (and be grand-influencers)?
Oct 6 - How do we make fresh connections in deeper and wider communities?

Aging is not optional. How we do it is.

Crescendo, an initiative of Make and Deepen Disciples, is focused on equipping pastors, staff, and church leaders to unleash the potential of boomers and beyond to engage in the work of God’s kingdom. The holistic approach of Crescendo is rooted in biblical models, historical evidence, and current studies of aging. These inform us that purposeful living and giving of oneself in serving others directly correlates to spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional well-being.

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The Crescendo Buzz

Utilizing a comprehensive Crescendo strategy of SPICES (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Community, Emotional, and Service) we've now trained a Crescendo Team in our church to introduce a variety of opportunities for more meaningful kingdom engagement and purpose. As a pastor, it has been incredibly fulfilling to see these persons repurpose their gifts and develop vision for this important stage in their lives.

- Jon Black, senior pastor, Countryside Covenant Church, McPherson, Kansas

It has been wonderful to see the ways God is at work through the Journeys ministry connecting the members of our community and igniting them towards hands on service and missions opportunities.

- Jonna Fantz, Worship and Community Life Pastor, Salem Covenant Church