A Ministry of Make and Deepen Disciples
ENCORE at Life Community Church, Roseville, CA

Now in its second year at Life Community Church in Roseville, CA, Encore is meeting a real need for community-building, education, and service/mission opportunities for boomers and beyond. Our focus is on helping older adults to live lives of lasting purpose. Regardless of the occasion, we place an emphasis on welcoming newcomers and helping them get connected and involved.

While most of our earliest events have been primarily social gatherings, they have all been designed around purposeful conversation and relationship-building. Whether at a spring ice cream social, our summer barbecue, or a New Year’s Eve Party, we have gone out of our way to be inclusive and supportive of the church’s mission, vision, and desire to reach and welcome younger adults and young families. We don’t ever want Encore to become a “clique” or to be known for being “stuck in our ways.”

Some of the highlights of our first 15 months are:

  • A growing interest and sign-ups for quarterly Supper Clubs where 7-10 adults meet 3 months in a row for a meal and fellowship.
  • A group of 9 participants on our Alaska Christian College mission trip this July. Now that we’ve done it once, we expect a larger group to take an interest in this vital outreach to Alaska natives, and to join us as we return to Alaska next summer.
  • A wonderful evening with members of our pastoral staff and their spouses for the express purpose of getting better acquainted and praying for them.
  • Supporting the start of a new ministry for parents of young children by providing refreshments and assisting with childcare at their first meeting.
  • Welcoming newcomers to the church at each of our gatherings and helping them to quickly connect and belong.
  • Experiencing the joys of true teamwork within our Encore launch and leadership team.

With a growing attendance of between 40 and 70 at each of our events, our leadership team knows that satisfaction with this new ministry is about much more than numbers. It comes from seeing people having fun, making friends and wanting to get involved in other areas of church life and service. That’s what makes us want to stand up and cheer, “BRAVO for ENCORE!”