Kids Helping Kids: Refugees Around the World (2018)

Kids Helping Kids: Refugees Around the World

Refugees are our neighbors—they may live close to us or on the other side of the world. Right now more than 65 million
people are displaced from their homes, and more than half of the 22.5 million refugees are under the age of 18. This year Kids Helping Kids hopes to bring children closer to this global issue and illuminate ways they can make a difference. Kids Helping Kids enables us to partner with children on their spiritual journey to:

  • Fulfill Christ’s commandment to love God and our neighbor
  • Foster a larger kingdom view
  • Offer an opportunity to serve and obey God
  • Provide a shared faith experience to build community
  • Learn from the faith stories of other children around the world
  • Reflect and share their own stories of faith and what it means to respond thoughtfully and responsibly to the refugee crisis.


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