Walk for Water


Clean Water Changes Everything


Here you can find resources to host a Project Blue Walk for Water at your church. You can host this experience for various sized groups and in various locations (outside, classroom, throughout your building). Contact Covenant World Relief to request more information about hosting a walk or to order jerry cans and additional resources.

The Project Blue: Walk for Water How-To Guide

walk-for-water-bookletA comprehensive guide on how to host a Walk For Water at your church.
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Story Cards

project-blue-story-cards-coverDownloadable instructions and stories of global families and their journey for clean water.
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Signs and Photos to post

projectblue_mapPrintable signs of Walk for Water stations, statistics, photos, and maps.
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Printable Project Blue Logos

project-blue-logo-white-finalBlue and white logos for Project Blue.
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Printable Project Blue Water Bottle Fundraiser Labels

projectblue-16.9oz-water-label-singlePrintable water bottle labels for participants to fund-raise for CWR Project Blue.
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