Covenant World Relief

Disaster Response

Disaster Response: Immediate Relief and Long-Term Recovery

Global Disasters

In times of disaster, Covenant World Relief is able to respond immediately and effectively through partners on the ground. Because of our partnerships with trusted organizations around the world, we are typically able to respond to disasters within twenty-four hours.

To stay updated on our disaster relief efforts, please follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram). These avenues are where we post immediate news and frequent updates following a disaster. To learn more about how you can help in disaster response, please read our guide Best Ways to Support Disaster Relief.

One of the reasons we can respond right away in times of disaster is because of the funds we have on hand designated for rapid response. Your gifts to the CWR disaster response fund will be used for immediate disaster relief and recovery efforts. Often, these funds are sent before the disaster has made national headlines and provide the first relief efforts needed before other designated gifts can be raised.

Give to Disaster Response

Covenant World Relief also stands with partners throughout the long-term recovery and rebuilding process. Disaster response does not stop at immediate aid. While CWR partners do provide food, clothing, temporary shelters and other aid for those facing crisis situations, our partners also conduct surveys within devastated communities and lead the rebuilding of homes and communities long after destruction in disaster areas.

Domestic Disasters

Recently domestic (US and Canada) disaster response coordination in the Evangelical Covenant Church has shifted from Covenant World Relief to the mission priority of Love Mercy Do Justice (LMDJ). Covenant World Relief still coordinates relief efforts internationally, but because the mission priority of Love Mercy Do Justice is directly connected to local churches in the United States and Canada, this mission priority has taken leadership in domestic disaster response. More about this transition can be found in the Covenant Companion.

For more information about Covenant domestic disaster responses please visit the LMDJ website or reach out to Ramelia Williams, Manager of Ministry Services for Love Mercy Do Justice at (773) 596-2489 or