Discipleship Resources

Discipleship Resources

The Evangelical Covenant Church has developed resources for your formational journey. Many are available at no cost and for use with church groups or as an individual. For consultation on these and other materials, please contact us (see sidebar). For all “discipleship” resources from the ECC, click here.

GROW Resources

God’s Word: To be a BIBLICAL people,
Relationship: To be a CONNECTIONAL people,
Outward Action: To be a MISSIONAL people,
Worship: To be a DEVOTIONAL people.

Always a relationship, never a formula; always a journey, never a destination.

Adults and Youth: Invitation to GROW

Invitation to GROW brochure – View and download
Invitation to GROW Facilitation Guide – View and download
Growing Deeper Practices – View and download
Grow Deeper in Christ: An Introduction to Spiritual Practices for Small Groups – View and Order

Grow Kids

The Make and Deepen Disciples team provides resources to help prepare children to participate in worship, communion, prayer, and reading the Bible. Learn more about Grow Kids.

Children: My GROW Adventure with God

My GROW Adventure with God Materials – View and download