G.R.O.W. for Children

G.R.O.W. for Children

Illuminated by the Spirit

Interacting with the word of God creates an important foundation on which our life of faith is built.

  • International Children’s Bible or NIrV are good choices for early readers.
  • Pray before you begin to read.
  • Read together with your child or have your child read to you
  • Read together with children or have them read to you.
  • Provide space for children to share their struggles or questions.
  • Be attentive to children’s attention span, which may be brief.
  • Ask the children to retell the story to you.
  • Ask wondering questions: “I wonder how Jesus felt when the disciples tried to keep the children away?” It will give you insight into a child’s perception of Jesus.
  • Have children imagine being in the story. Ask them, “What would you smell, hear, feel, taste?”
  • Relate the story to real life, everyday experiences.
  • Act out, make up a song about, or draw a picture about the story.
  • Let them respond to God’s Word before driving home a specific point.

United by the Spirit

Each of us needs the encouragement and support of others in order to grow spiritually. These relationships can occur both within and outside of the biological family.

  • Exercise love (1 John 4-12)
  • Be a model. Children emulate what they see and hear. Children will know who you are by what you say and do and by the way you say and do it.
  • Take time to be with children. Remember, formation takes place 24/7. How much influence do you have?
  • Affirm children. Children are a gift from God. Affirm them for who they are as well as for what they do. Healthy families have five times more positive than negative communication.
  • Talk to children. Begin faith life conversations early in life. Talk about God as though God were everywhere present because, in fact, God is. Be open to talking about the things children want to talk about, even if it seems mundane.
  • Introduce children to God’s kingdom. Provide multi-cultural experiences. Visit churches whose racial or ethnic make up is different from yours.

Directed by the Spirit

Because we love Christ we obey him in the things that we do. As we serve side by side, our children not only hear about the importance of service but experience it with us.

  • Purchase and take food to a food pantry or distribution center.
  • Pray daily for your neighbors.
  • Help the elderly with spring cleaning.
  • Visit a retirement community.
  • Assemble school supply packs for needy children.
  • Collect clothing for the poor.
  • Give money to help with ministry.
  • Write to missionaries.
  • Go on a mission trip together.
  • The experiences you share will shape the identity of your children and family.

Ignited by the Spirit

Worship is more than a service on Sunday morning. It’s putting God first in all that we do. We worship God as we:

  • Model faith day by day.
  • Pray together.
  • Have regular conversation with children about faith issues.
  • Read the Bible together.
  • Serve others together.
  • Share our faith story.
  • Worship with others in the church.