Local Church Support

Thank you for your partnership in the shared mission of God.

Everything we accomplish together as the ECC is made possible by our cord of three strands—congregation, conference, Covenant. We are better together. Strengthened by our relationship and empowered by generous giving, our ministries are local, regional, national, and global in scope.

We invite each congregation to devote a combined tithe of local income to sustaining our mutual partnership with the Covenant (6.5%) and your local conference (3.5%). Local church giving remains the foundation, at nearly 50% of our base denominational income.

As three strands strong, your conference and the Covenant seek to serve the local church—God’s basic strategy for mission—to unite us in service together. We seek to provide resources that encourage the flourishing of local church ministry, serve and equip local churches, partner in global mission, community transformation ministries, and practical tools for church management.

We do together what we cannot do alone. We are Covenant.

Giving Links:

These gifts will be faithfully used toward all Covenant mission and ministry

Global Personnel and their ministries rely on partnerships with churches and people like you to make their work possible.

Support from faithful Covenant individuals and churches helps further the mission and ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church both locally and globally through five mission priorities: Start and Strengthen Churches, Make and Deepen Disciples, Love Mercy Do Justice, Develop Leaders, and Serve Globally.