The President’s Mission & Ministry Fund


The President’s Mission & Ministry Fund

Join us as we respond together in faith to follow where our God leads. Hope and possibility are links the Covenant creates – connecting you with God’s people in many places through the world. The President’s Mission & Ministry Fund is a year-round fundraising program for the Evangelical Covenant Church whose primary focus is to further the mission and ministry of our church both locally and globally through our five mission priorities: Start and Strengthen Churches, Make and Deepen Disciples, Love Mercy Do Justice, Develop Leaders, and Serve Globally. Annual gifts to the President’s Mission & Ministry Fund help the Covenant make the most of God-orchestrated opportunities to bring the hope of Christ to real people in real places. Your gift to the President’s Mission & Ministry Fund provides the flexible support needed to position the Covenant to launch new initiatives while also sustaining our highly-impactful existing ministries.

This year, the Covenant has received a generous matching gift of $100,000 toward the President’s Mission & Ministry fund. All new dollars will be matched. Please consider making a gift today to double your impact as we further Christ’s mission together.

The President’s Circle

The President’s Circle unites Covenanters who have a passion for the mission and ministry of our church. Members of the President’s Circle are defined by their faithful and generous leadership through undesignated giving at or above the leadership level ($1,000 or more). Through their annual gifts to the President’s Mission & Ministry Fund, President’s Circle members demonstrate a tangible interest and commitment to shaping the ministry of the Covenant as it seeks to follow the heart of God into the world and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gifts at the President’s Circle level provide an increasingly important source of undesignated support that sustains existing ministries and positions the church to launch new initiatives to make more disciples among more populations in a more just and caring world.

We encourage you to consider the positive impact you could make by becoming a President’s Circle
member through your annual gift of $1,000 or more to the President’s Mission & Ministry Fund.

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