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Grace/Truth 1.0: Five Conversations Every Thoughtful Christian Should Have about Faith, Sexuality and Gender

By Dr. Preston Sprinkle

This is a five-week small group learning experience which introduces Christians to LGBTQ+/SSA people, explains language to use and avoid, presents a biblically faithful view of marriage and sexuality, and offers practical guidance on how to embody the love of Christ toward sexual and gender minorities. The accompanying Grace/Truth 1.0 video series is engaging and well-produced, and features the voices and real stories of sexual minority people. As of this writing, Grace/Truth 1.0 is unique in that it is the only comprehensive small group curriculum available to facilitate conversations around faith, human sexuality, and gender identity. It is an excellent resource to utilize for small groups, leadership teams, church staff, and more. Please be sure to see the ECC Supplement below for further recommendations on using Grace/Truth 1.0 in ECC contexts.

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