By Beth Seversen
September 23, 2015

“It’s complicated” is a favorite phrase my daughter and I toss back and forth when we’re about to discuss something that we know is going to take an investment in time of listening, explaining, processing and understanding. But then we’re both inclined to be a bit verbose and honestly, we both admit we like to embellish a good story.

Sometimes I think we Christians make evangelism too complicated. I love the “bless” acronym for its simplicity. “Bless” is one way to deconstruct evangelism into five simple, memorable and reproducible steps. The point of the five “Bless” steps is to do just that—bless a non-Christian. Which is, when you think about it, the whole point of the second greatest commandment: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Jesus’ mission is about “Lost people found and hurting people helped!” It’s about blessing those inside and outside the kingdom of God. It’s not complicated. It’s just sometimes we forget about the people outside the kingdom.

So today, begin God’s mission with the B part of the acronym for Bless—specifically, bless a non-Christian by praying for them. We can bless non-Christians regularly if not daily through prayer. So get started. Write a short list of people you long to see commit to faith in Christ on the flap of your Bible, or on a note in your cell phone, or like my daughter, by attaching a prayer list on the dashboard of your car.

Not sure what to pray? Here’s a quick cheat sheet to pray for those who don’t know Jesus yet. Begin by asking God to prompt your friend or loved one continue their journey toward Christ and to:

  1. Trust a Christian.
  2. Become curious about Jesus.
  3. Be open to change.
  4. Seek God and his kingdom.
  5. Enter God’s kingdom.
  6. Live missionally.

Begin blessing those non-Christians in your life with prayer. Ask God to fill you with immeasurable love for them. And pray that they might recognize God’s blessing on their lives. It’s not complicated! It’s that simple: Bless ‘em!

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