Listen With Care


Resources to Listen with Care

If you want to be a good listener, think of yourself as someone who comes alongside another person – not to give advice, but to learn the other person’s real story.

Recommended Reading

The 9 arts of spiritual conversations: Walking alongside people who believe differently

By Mary Shallar and John Crilly

Love God, love people. Could evangelism really be that simple? Often it doesn't seem so. It can feel scary, awkward, and uncomfortable as we try to navigate loaded questions and different perspectives. Even the most faithful of believers sometimes get stumped. But what if we as Christians simply spent time with people who are far from God and provided a safe place to talk about spiritual matters? What if we listened to them and discovered what was really important to them? After all, it’s what Jesus did. And it's what you can do too.

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Questioning Evangelism: Engaging People’s hearts the way Jesus Did

By Randy Newman

A much-needed look at sharing Christ with unbelievers, not based on guerrilla hard-sell tactics but on engaging questions and caring interaction. Filled with humor and stories, this book provides a challenging yet encouraging look at evangelism in our world today. Newman suggests that asking questions and starting meaningful conversations is a far better method for sharing faith than prepared lectures or statements. He also offers advice on what people need to hear in response to the world around them.

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