Serve With Love


Resources to Serve With Love

I think young people are tired of not living out their faith, and so they are trying to find real ways to care for the poor because they see that as being essential to Jesus’ teaching.

—Brad Edwards, Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and the Churches that Reach Them


Here are some ways you can eat with people who do not know God:

Make a list of the opportunities you have to serve the 3-5 people in your life you are praying for. Which act of service will you do this week? How can you fit that act into your schedule? What do you need to eliminate from your life in order to serve others in love?

Some ways to serve the people in your life who do not know God

  • Serve through small acts of kindness.
  • Volunteer to take care of a tangible need (cook a meal, babysit, shovel snow, etc.)
  • Make their birthday special.
  • Send a greeting card.
  • Join a community service project with someone who is journeying toward God.
  • Offer to pray.
  • Keep them company.
  • Give or lend something.
  • Don't miss the big needs - Births, deaths, trials, sickness, and more.
  • When you Listen to people and Eat with them, they will tell you how to love them.

Ways to allow others to reciprocate and in turn serve you

  • Accept invitations (dinner, parties, etc.) and offers of help.
  • Share your needs with your neighbors openly.
  • Be generous with your gratitude.

Recommended Reading

Everyday Church: Gospel Communities on Mission

By Tim Chester and Steve Timmis

We live in an increasingly post-Christian culture as fewer people ever attend church. What used to work doesn’t work anymore and we need to adapt. Helping us to see the way forward, Everyday Church offers practical ideas and personal stories for engaging with our culture. Find out how to effectively reach people in the context of everyday life and take hold of the opportunity to develop missional communities focused on Jesus.

Order Your Copy Here

The World is Not Ours to Save

The World is Not Ours to Save: Finding the Freedom to do Good

By Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

We want to save the world―and we have a dizzying array of worthy causes to pursue. But passionate enthusiasm can quickly give way to disillusionment, compassion fatigue, or empty slacktivism―and liking Facebook pages only goes so far. Veteran activist Tyler Wigg-Stevenson identifies the practical and spiritual pitfalls that threaten much of today's cause-driven Christianity. He casts an alternate vision for doing good based on the liberating truth that only God can save the world. Wigg-Stevenson's own pilgrimage from causes to calling shows how to ground an enduring, kingdom-oriented activism in the stillness of vocation rather than in the anxiety of the world's brokenness. The world is not ours to save. And that's okay. Discover why.

Order Your Copy Here

The Jonathan Effect

The Jonathan Effect: Helping Kids and Schools Win the Battle Against Poverty

By Mike Tenbusch

America may be called the "land of opportunity," but countless kids and teens are struggling like young Davids in the urban wilderness, attempting to fight the giant of poverty under insurmountable odds. What could make a difference? The presence of a "Jonathan" in their lives to offer the life-giving support they need to survive and thrive. The church is the best source of these Jonathans as they partner with local schools and provide struggling young people with the relational connections that can help them overcome their circumstances. It's a strategy that works, as author Mike Tenbusch demonstrates through his own inspiring story. A Detroit native and longtime advocate for youth education, he brings you into the classrooms of the toughest schools in America so you can see firsthand the hardships of surviving as a child in these settings. If you have ever wondered how you or your church can be a part of the solution to the challenge of extreme poverty, this book will inspire you to take action.

Order Your Copy Here

Slow Kingdom Coming

Slow Kingdom Coming: Practices for Doing Justice, Loving Mercy and Walking Humbly in the World

By Kent Annan

No one said pursuing justice would be easy. The road can be so challenging and the destination so distant that you may be discouraged by a lack of progress, compassion, or commitment in your quest for justice. How do you stay committed to the journey when God's kingdom can seem so slow in coming? Kent Annan understands the struggle of working for justice over the long haul. He confesses, "Over the past twenty years, I've succumbed to various failed shortcuts instead of living the freedom of faithful practices." In this book, he shares practices he has learned that will encourage and help you to keep making a difference in the face of the world's challenging issues. All Christians are called to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly in the world. Slow Kingdom Coming will guide and strengthen you on this journey to persevere until God's kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven.

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The Justice Calling

The Justice Calling: Where Passion Meets Perseverance

By Bethany Hanke Hoang and Kristen Deede Johnson

Justice requires a deep perseverance that we can't muster on our own. The world's needs are staggering and even the most passion-driven reactions, strategies, and good intentions can falter. But we serve a God who never falters, who sees the needs, hears the cries, and gives strength--through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit--to his people.

Offering a comprehensive biblical theology of justice drawn from the whole story of Scripture, this book invites us to know more intimately the God who loves justice and calls us to give our lives to seek the flourishing of others. The authors explore stories of injustice around the globe today and spur Christians to root their passion for justice in the persevering hope of Christ. They also offer practices that can further form us into people who join God's work of setting things right in the world.

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Possible: A Blueprint for Changing How We Change the World

Possible: A Blueprint for Changing How We Change the World

By Stephan Bauman

We need a better vision for saving the world. Across the world, people are rising up to fight poverty, oppression, and injustice—not just professionals, but bloggers, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, and advocates. People who refuse to accept the world as it is, who dare to believe change is possible.

But we face a crisis of vision. We sense what needs to be done, but often we don’t know how to do it. Stephan Bauman, president of World Relief, believes true change begins in the hearts and actions of ordinary people. In Possible, he presents clear and biblical thinking, powerful stories, and practical tools for sustainably impacting our workplaces, neighborhoods, villages, and cities.

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