Global Internships


Global Immersions

Serve Globally invites you to join God’s work around the world as a participant in the Global Immersion program. This program is designed to provide individuals an opportunity to utilize their skills alongside our national partners, learn, and be challenged and transformed by how God is at work through our partners.

In addition to offering a cross cultural experience, this program is designed for individuals with specific skillsets that our partners are seeking in order to enhance their ministry. It is designed for people who are actively engaged in their own communities. Global Immersion participants will serve under the supervision of Serve Globally’s international partners who will assign supervisors, tasks, and roles in their ongoing ministry.

The immersion program provides an opportunity to learn from our international partners. The intention is that the experience with other cultures will not be limited to the participant’s time spent in the country of service, but that they will bring back their experience and bear witness to who God is to those in their home church and community in order to engage in ministry in an even more passionate way. We also hope that participating in the Global Immersion program will encourage participants to continue growing deeper in Christ and in their lifelong journey of faith.