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Hurricane Response

Support disaster relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Irma and Harvey.

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July 15-20, 2018 | Knoxville, TN

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Mission and Ministry 2017

Three Strand Strong

See how your support is helping us to go Deeper in Christ. Further in Mission. Together.

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Our Mission

We desire to see more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world.

These are important days of partnership among our more than 800 congregations in this movement known as the Evangelical Covenant Church. Together, we are making a real difference in real people in real places with the good news of Jesus Christ as we pursue five strategic priorities. God has critically important things for us to accomplish in a world of great need. It will happen as we live into this mission together.

Mission Priorities

Start & Strengthen Churches

Start & Strengthen Churches

We are committed to start and strengthen healthy, missional churches, much like the Apostle Paul started and continued to strengthen churches in the New Testament. We believe the local church is God’s foundational strategy to carry out mission in the world. Through planting new churches and providing resources to strengthen existing congregations, these ministries seek to reach more people, in more places, among more populations, with the hope of Christ.

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Make & Deepen Disciples
Develop Leaders
Love Mercy Do Justice
Serve Globally

Featured Resource

Immerse: The Reading Bible is a six-volume, specially-formatted Bible created with one goal in mind: to provide the best Bible reading experience possible. By reading together twice a year, your church can read through all six volumes—the entire Bible—in three years.

With Immerse, you can make the Bible central to your church’s identity and life together. Immerse: The Covenant Bible Reading Experience is a partnership of Make and Deepen Disciples, Tyndale House Publishers, and the newly-formed Institute for Bible Reading.

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