A New Way to Be Human – Luke 22:24-62


Read Luke 22:24-62

I’ve always been drawn to the humanity of Christ. In fact, when I went through a crisis of faith in my early twenties, the humanity of Christ as revealed in Scripture drew me back to the divinity of Christ. Jesus experiences some of the worst parts of humanity. Yet he also models and teaches a revolutionary way to be human.

In this passage Jesus said that the greatest are the lowly. He experienced intense human emotions. Jesus was betrayed by a close friend. He healed a man who was arresting him.

Jesus shows us a new way to be human. This way acknowledges fear. This way boldly confronts injustice. This way models humility and seeks to heal those who are deemed a threat. May we have the courage to follow Jesus’s lead.

God of mercy, teach me to be merciful. God of grace, teach me to be full of grace. Set me free to love as you love. Amen.

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Coby Cagle

Seattle, Washington
I serve as an assistant pastor at Quest Church in Seattle, where I oversee the ministry to teenagers and college students. I am passionate about helping children, youth, and adults learn how to hear and respond to the voice of the Triune God. I have a B.A. in business from Rhodes College and an M.Div. from George Fox Evangelical Seminary. Most days you can find me exploring God’s creation or goofing off with my wife and two kids.


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