Confession Opens the Door – Psalm 119:24-32 (Fourth in Lent)


Read Psalm 119:24-32

What keeps us from moving forward to Christ? For the psalmist it is anything that is unconfessed. So all is confessed—a dead soul, a dull heart, grief, blindness, ignorance, pretense.

The psalmist does not move forward unaware. At the very heart of each struggle lies a hidden paradox: the very confession of sin countermands its effects and insistence. The dead soul speaks. The dull heart thumps a vigorous beat. The liar speaks a truth. The broken heart senses life and future. The blind sees a flash of light. The ignorant speaks wisdom. The faker removes a mask.

But awareness is not an end to our struggle. Confession opens the door to need. The drowning head gulps air, yet again sinks below cold waters of sin—unless the gulp for air becomes a cry for deliverance. Revive me! Teach me! Strengthen me! Grant me!

Patient God, grant me the courage to know myself, to cry out my truth and need, and the faith to receive what is needed from your loving hand. Amen.

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Scott Bensink Lewis

Salem, Oregon
I live in Salem, Oregon, with my wife, Carmen. We met and married while at seminary, after which we were called to plant and co-pastor Bridge Covenant Church. Bridge is a multilingual, multicultural church specifically called to share God’s power in reconciling us to God and to one another. Believing reconciliation is possible through the power of Jesus, Bridge focuses on reconciling the Spanish- and English-speaking people in our community. God seems to be expanding this vision, and we are excited to see what God will do. I love the mountains, especially being on top of them. And we love our little boy, Gideon, a special gift through adoption. He brings us great joy.


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