God Who Can Be Found – Isaiah 55:6-9


Read Isaiah 55:6-9

When life is exhausting, seeking the Lord can seem daunting. I wrote the following in the middle of disappointment and disease.

What do you do when disappointment takes hold,
When it settles somewhere deep in your soul.
How does it escape? Where can it go?
It needs a release for one to be whole.

Perhaps it can only be overcome by grace
Or maybe love could fill the space.
Love and grace flow freely from God
And yet I don’t feel them and I’m not up for the chase.

I’m not too proud to fall on my knees
But, they don’t double or land there with ease.
For if God truly loves me and showers me with grace,
Then I could perhaps crawl out of this space.

But sadness takes over and tears know no end,
And I find myself in the same place again.
Alone and disappointed for life seems unfair
Yet I know there’s millions whose life is truly despair.

So, Jesus, help me work through the pain,
Work through the anger that comes in your name.
For my heart longs to love you and be at peace,
And somehow discover that grace is release.

Jesus, in times of great pain help us seek you. Amen.

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Carmen Bensink Lewis

Salem, Oregon
I am a child of the King, longing for my identity as a Christ follower to seep deep into the fabric of my life. I often fall short of this desire, but God in his mercy repeatedly restores our faith. I believe God is continually preparing us for the next assignment. My time as a missionary in Colombia and work in other countries has solidified for me Paul’s conviction in Galatians that we are “all one in Christ Jesus.” This belief has led my husband, Scott, and me to co-plant Bridge Covenant Church, a multicultural community in Salem, Oregon. Most recently my faith has been stretched by infertility and cancer. In July 2014 we were blessed with one of the most amazing gifts—our son Gideon.


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