God Who Invites – Isaiah 55:1-5


Read Isaiah 55:1-5

Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and you that have no money, come, buy, and eat! Come buy wine and milk without money, without price” (v. 1).

Come, says the Lord. Come listen and delight yourself in what you find. It’s an invitation given to all regardless of resources. An invitation given simply to those who are thirsty. An invitation that costs nothing but has great returns.

And yet, we run after things that leave us empty and hungry for more. We spend our time and money on things that don’t satisfy and wonder why our lives feel shallow and desolate.

Listen to me, says the Lord. Unplug yourself from the noise of the world. Release yourself from the desires of this day. Come. Be filled and live.

Father, help me say yes to your invitation. Amen.

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Carmen Bensink Lewis

Salem, Oregon
I am a child of the King, longing for my identity as a Christ follower to seep deep into the fabric of my life. I often fall short of this desire, but God in his mercy repeatedly restores our faith. I believe God is continually preparing us for the next assignment. My time as a missionary in Colombia and work in other countries has solidified for me Paul’s conviction in Galatians that we are “all one in Christ Jesus.” This belief has led my husband, Scott, and me to co-plant Bridge Covenant Church, a multicultural community in Salem, Oregon. Most recently my faith has been stretched by infertility and cancer. In July 2014 we were blessed with one of the most amazing gifts—our son Gideon.


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