He Said He Would – Luke 24:1-12 (Easter)


Read Luke 24:1-12

The women in this text remind me of our ancient grandmothers who endured much. The women who approach Jesus’s tomb were already in deep grief, and then another blow as they discovered that the body of their loved one was missing. Enter the frightening arrival of two gleaming men who spoke to them.

Even in fear, these enduring women bowed to the mystery of the Creator and listened to the message of the shining men. In doing so, “they remembered his words” (v. 8). The women took heart in remembering that Jesus had told them that he would die and be raised again on the third day, this day! He said he would and he did. When they eagerly told their family of faith what had just happened, some treated their words as nonsense, as some still do today. Peter, however, did not—he was immediately compelled to run and discern truth for himself.

Jesus, thank you for elders of faith and endurance. May I listen to those who remind me of your words of truth, and seek discernment. Amen.

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Lenore Three Stars

Spokane, Washington
I’m Oglala Lakota, born on Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, where my dad was born. My mom is Minnecoujou Lakota from the Cheyenne River reservation in South Dakota. With a B.A. from Fort Lewis College, I began my civil rights career in Seattle for the federal Department of Education. I served in church and conference leadership until I retired and moved to Spokane to be a hands-on unci (grandmother) to my two takojas (grandkids). Currently, I am a part-time grad student in intercultural studies at the North American Institute of Indigenous Theological Studies. I serve on the Washington State Human Rights Commission and the Covenant’s Commission on Christian Action; and I am a board member for two
native nonprofits and the ECC’s Pacific Northwest Conference. I’m learning to blog on Theoloqui.net and love to cook for anyone.


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