Hope in the Darkness – Psalm 71:1-14


Read Psalm 71:1-14

At the end of this passage the psalmist proclaims, “As for me, I will always have hope!” (v. 14, NIV). Sometimes life gets so confusing and dark that I do not have hope. In those times, I look to passages like this to remind myself that God is my refuge. God is my strength. God has never forsaken me. Remembering these truths helps me have hope in the darkness. What a wonderful passage to meditate upon during Holy Week!

Today I encourage you to try a contemplative exercise. Read this passage a half a verse at a time. Breathe in slowly and deeply as you read. Meditate on the parts that resonate with you.

For example, I breathed in slowly as I read, “In you, Lord, I have taken refuge.” I repeated that verse five times before moving to the next portion.

God of hope, with each inhale I breathe you in. With each exhale I surrender to you. Amen.

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Coby Cagle

Seattle, Washington
I serve as an assistant pastor at Quest Church in Seattle, where I oversee the ministry to teenagers and college students. I am passionate about helping children, youth, and adults learn how to hear and respond to the voice of the Triune God. I have a B.A. in business from Rhodes College and an M.Div. from George Fox Evangelical Seminary. Most days you can find me exploring God’s creation or goofing off with my wife and two kids.

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