Wait for the Kingdom of God – Luke 23:50-56


Read Luke 23:50-56

In this text Joseph, a man from Arimathea, prepares Jesus’s body and gives him a tomb where no one had been laid. While Joseph is a part of the council that condemned Jesus, he disagreed with their decision. Luke describes him as a good and righteous man who was waiting for the kingdom of God.

Today marks the day in between the death and resurrection of Jesus. For Jesus’s followers it was a confusing and dark day. They did not know that the resurrection was coming.

Our world is full of pain, injustice, confusion, and darkness. While we know that God is in control, sometimes it is difficult to feel the resurrection power. Joseph’s story reminds us of how we should live. Live generously and wait for the kingdom of God. We serve a trustworthy God who will not leave us or forsake us. This, too, shall pass.

Light of the world, sometimes all we can see is darkness. We trust in you. We wait for you. Remind us that you are here with us. Amen.

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Coby Cagle

Seattle, Washington
I serve as an assistant pastor at Quest Church in Seattle, where I oversee the ministry to teenagers and college students. I am passionate about helping children, youth, and adults learn how to hear and respond to the voice of the Triune God. I have a B.A. in business from Rhodes College and an M.Div. from George Fox Evangelical Seminary. Most days you can find me exploring God’s creation or goofing off with my wife and two kids.


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