10 Days of Global Prayer

Together with several of our partners in missions around the world, we aim to cover 24 hours of focused prayer for 10 days from Ascension Day leading up to Pentecost. We will systematically pray the Lord’s Prayer, asking for great things concerning the deepest needs of the world. It will be exciting to see how God stirs our hearts, minds, and vision and to witness the response of His Spirit in months to follow!

Join us in this exciting venture of seeking the Lord and watching Him move in our world!

To Participate:

1) Select the day and hour you will set aside to pray. (If possible please choose a date/time that has not been chosen by anyone else)
2) Fill out the online form with your information (or contact the church office). 
note: Your name and city, country will be published here
3) Finally, download the prayer guide and utilize the prayer points for your designated day

List of those Praying

Provide an online listing of days and times (1-hour increments) for which individuals/families can commit to pray.

Provide an online form for participants to fill out including name, email address, location, day and time for which you will commit to pray. Individuals/families can sign [via web site, sign-up sheet at church, or contact the church office] to indicate they will be praying during  that specific 1-hour time slot(s). Update the list daily and post on your web site so that individuals can continue to sign up for available time slots.

Submitted by: David Chan and Mary Rowlands, Hillcrest Covenant Church, Prairie Village, Kansas

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