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A Confession for Maundy Thursday

We Believe in you, God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. We believe in the truth and power of your word. We trust in your finished work, Lord Jesus. By what you have done, you have secured our eternal destiny. We affirm your new commandment, your call to love and serve others.

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Communion – Children

Intergenerational Communion Service Our church had an intergenerational worship service which focused on the Last Supper and teaching children (and adults) about communion.  It seemed to be very well received here, so I thought I would pass it on as a possible resource for other churches.  Attached is a worship order with detailed notes and…

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Good Friday Tenebrae: The Seven Deadly Sins

The seven candles that are extinguished in the Good Friday Tenebrae service can be fittingly paired to the seven deadly sins. Included in this service are calls to prayer, congregational prayers, and words of pardon for each of the seven deadly sins.

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Speech Choir Scripture Readings for the Church Year

This is a resource from George Scranton, Drama professor at Seattle Pacific University and Ordained to Specialized Ministry in the Evangelical Covenant Church. He has created antiphonal speech choir readings of the liturgical Bible passages for the major seasons of the church year (years A, B, and C!). It is very well done!

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A Prayer for the Church (as a new year of ministry begins)

This past week in my quiet time I was praying for my congregation and resuming our ministries this fall. All of a sudden a series of couplets came to my mind, that speak to issues and concerns that we have here. I’ve written a prayer, based on these ideas, and made it for the whole…

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