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Worship Resources

Intergenerational Worship Evaluation

This evaluation is a resource that is available to help you evaluate your church’s engagement in intergenerational worship. This resource will help you think through the importance and the implications of intergenerational worship.

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Memorial Service Prayer

This prayer was written by Rick Lindholtz for the memorial service of a friend. It is based on Psalm 22, 90, 100; Isaiah 43, 49.

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Nueva Vision Community School

Nueva Vision Community School (NVCS) is a non-profit organization that began in 2005 as a music outreach ministry of Nueva Vision Covenant Church. We provide affordable music lessons to families in our community and help small churches with their worship ministries.

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A Confession for Maundy Thursday

We Believe in you, God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. We believe in the truth and power of your word. We trust in your finished work, Lord Jesus. By what you have done, you have secured our eternal destiny. We affirm your new commandment, your call to love and serve others.

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Stewardship – Built to Be Missional

The following worship ideas are related to components of stewardship. Give a puzzle piece to each person as they enter the building for the service. Customize the generic points (see download) to deliver your desired message in your unique context and setting. (Previously posted in The Soul of a Steward, Fall, 2003)

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