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Making Church Communications More User Friendly

Newsletters, web pages, projected slides, and bulletins can enhance or hinder communication depending on how they are formatted and the colors used. Lighthouse International has produced guidelines for print, electronic, and web communication that will help anyone who wants to make their church resources more useful.

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Our Vision Statement: F.R.E.E.

After a year of praying for God’s vision for our church, after searching the scriptures and meeting together in homes to share what the Holy Spirit was revealing to us as a church, I compiled, and prayed, and condensed our collaborative work and came up with F.R.E.E.:

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Press Release Template

This sample press release is designed to help local churches and other ministries provide attention-getting press notices to media organizations to help publicize events and programs you want to communicate to your community.

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Resources for Volunteering

This listing is a bibliography of resources which was prepared for distribution at the 2002 Covenant Annual Meeting. At that meeting, a resolution was passed by the delegates with an intent to strengthen our volunteer ministries, both within and outside the church.

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