Three Gifts That Jesus Honors

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The gifts of the Magi were an important part of the original Christmas story. In the gold, frankincense, and myrrh we remember three gifts that are given to honor Jesus. But did you know that in the Gospels there are three gifts given that Jesus honors?

Those gifts are the five loaves and two fish given by the little boy; two small coins given by the impoverished widow; and the jar of perfume given by the woman during the last week of Jesus’s life.

Jesus stops and calls attention to all three. You see, when we give to meet the needs around us like the boy, with a willingness to sacrifice like the widow and in a spirit of devotion like Mary, we are giving from a purity of motive that Jesus notices.

Here’s a test on generosity. If we are giving grudgingly, we are thinking, “I have to give something.” When we are giving from gratitude, we are thinking, “I have something to give.”

It’s not too late to give gifts that make a difference this Christmas. Here are three ideas:

  • Sponsor a child with Covenant Kids Congo in the name of someone you want to honor. Nancy and I sponsor three children, one for each of our own daughters and their families. We pay the monthly amount, but the connection to each child goes to them.
  • Give a pig, chicken, llama, clean water, or choose from dozens of other options that make an impact all over the world. You’ll find possibilities in all kinds of price ranges in the Covenant Cares Gift Registry.
  • Make a year-end gift to the ECC and your regional conference. We serve on your behalf to start and strengthen churches; make and deepen disciples; develop leaders; love mercy-do justice, and serve globally. We can only do it because of partners like you!

May we give gifts that honor Jesus. And may Jesus honor the gifts that we give.

Merry Christmas from the Evangelical Covenant Church!