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2020 Bethany Rates Announced

CHICAGO, IL (September 27, 2019) – Bethany Benefit Service health insurance rates for 2020 will increase 5 percent, but rates will remain the same for life and long-term disability insurance, it was announced today. Deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses also will stay at current benefit levels.

Many employer group health plans in the United States have been raising premium costs at least 6 percent since 2015, said Steve Klimkowski, executive director of finance. At the same time, they have frequently reduced benefits.

“We have managed to add new benefits while keeping premium increases at below market trends,” Klimkowski said. “Bethany Benefit Service works hard to encourage proactive wellness through telemedicine, health coaching, wellness rewards, and more. These programs not only provide easy access to high quality care, they also help contain the cost of that care.”

Among the newly added benefits is 98point6. The service offers text-based, 24/7 access to physicians for all members enrolled as well as dependents in the United States over the age of one.

Other new benefits have been added:

  • Wellness rewards program: Increased incentives with meaningful options for growth
  • Enhanced diabetes support: Lower insulin copays and free glucometer and test strips with remote monitoring through Livongo
  • Enhanced hypertension support: Free blood pressure cuff with access to coaching and feedback through Livongo

Bethany has added other enhancements in recent years:

  • $0 copay preventive visits
  • All vaccines covered at local pharmacies, including travel vaccines
  • Increased dental maximum benefit
  • Discounted three-month prescriptions at Walgreens pharmacies
  • Electronic access to premium invoices
  • Enhanced opioid abuse protection program

Klimkowski said, “The Bethany Benefit Service plan provides a comprehensive variety of high-quality services, which include low-deductible Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, prescriptions, dental, and vision care.” Also, if an employee has health coverage through another employer plan, such as their spouse’s employer, they can still enroll in life and long-term disability benefits.

The Bethany program provides coverage for pastors and staff of local Covenant churches, regional conferences, camps, Covenant Offices, missionaries, and other affiliates, as well as Covenant pastors who work for voluntary employers of the Covenant Pension Plan.

All eligible employers will be receiving a rate update package in the mail shortly. Churches or individuals interested in learning more about participation in the Bethany Benefits program may call Bethany Benefits personnel at (800) 313-8955 or email Information also is available by visiting Bethany Benefit Service online.


News Contact:
Stan Friedman
News and Online Editor
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