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MENA Fundraiser to Bring Clean Water to Villages in Egypt

CHICAGO, IL (October 15, 2019) – Healing Grace International, a ministry that brings clean water to underserved communities in Egypt, will be the recipient of funds raised through the second annual fundraiser of Serve Globally’s Middle East North Africa Region (MENA).

The one-day fundraiser will be held Monday, October 21.

The organization partners with MENA to provide water filtration systems for local communities. There are 27 water filtration systems installed in churches throughout Egypt, with two more filters soon to be installed.

The systems are installed within churches and managed by local pastors, with the taps located outside the church so the entire community has free access to the water. Each system can produce about 17,000 gallons of fresh water per day.

Egypt suffers a shortage of clean water, especially in rural areas, which contributes to the spread of disease.

In addition to providing water, the project bridges religious divides and brings communities together as they manage and maintain the filters.

MENA hopes to raise $11,000 during the fundraiser. The funds will cover replacement filters for all 29 filters for a year. People can donate online and select MENA Monday from the drop-down menu. Canadian residents can donate here.

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Stan Friedman
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