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Note for I Am Conference Attendees: Directions to State Theater in Case of Inclement Weather

Directions to the State Theater via Skyway from the Marriott

  • Take Street Level Elevators to the 2nd Level:  2SKYWAY2
  • Turn left to leave the Marriott (be sure to have your hotel key for re-entry)
  • After the Marriott sign on the pillar, take the first right over the 7th Street Bridge to the Radisson Blu (begin following the Dayton’s Detour signs)
  • Follow detour signs out the back-right corner of the Radisson Blu.
  • Follow the SkyWay until you reach an intersection with the big, black Dayton’s sign on the left wall. TURN RIGHT
  • Head over the 8th Street Bridge and keeping walking straight ahead.
  • Follow Skyway to the LaSalle Street bridge. Walk straight ahead toward the CRAVE restaurant.
  • Turn RIGHT at CRAVE. The State Theater staircase will be down the hall on the right.

Directions to the Marriott from the State Theater via SkyWay

  • Take the stairs to the second level. Turn left and walk toward CRAVE
  • Turn left at CRAVE and keeping walking, over LaSalle Street.
  • Keep walking over the 8th Street Bridge.
  • Turn LEFT after the 8th Street Bridge and follow signs to the Radisson Blu.
  • From the Radisson Blu, follow signs to the City Center.
  • Cross 7th Street and turn left toward the Marriott.

You need your room key to enter into the Marriott from the SkyWay. IF you don’t have your key, and there is no one else around, go back to the Radisson Blu, go to their street level, cross the street and enter the Marriott from the street level.

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