Bangladesh Water

Bangladesh Water

In the urban slums of Bangaladesh, many families do not have access to clean water or toilets and are very susceptible to dangerous diseases that can easily be prevented. Through the creation of water points and hygiene education with Water First and the local community, families are on a path out of extreme poverty. Once they have better health and are saving money, people have more time to invest in education and wage earning.

Cost breakdown

Economists estimate that every dollar spent on water and sanitation projects yield $5 – $11 in averted health care costs and economic productivity. With your support, Covenant World Relief and Water First are working to construct eighty water points to serve 6,000 people and one hundred toilets to serve 6,500 people.

$970 – Water system with city water to serve over 100 people
$570 – Deep tube well system with compressor to serve 60-100 people
$180 – Twin pit toilet for approximately 30 people
$1120 – Two-stall toilet for 75 people


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See The Need for Water and Sanitation in Bangladesh (the video above) on mobile or web via Vimeo.