Cameroon Palm Oil Enterprise

Cameroon Palm Oil Enterprise

This women’s empowerment project in Cameroon focuses on women farmers in Bessi Awum, Cameroon. For them, food processing machines and mills are not available. The new machines (a press and mill) will allow them to press oil from palm oil kernels. The oil can be used in the treatment of various ailments, cooking, and in making soap and lotions. The by-product, “kernel cake”, can be compounded into animal feed, including for the chickens in the CWR chicken project.

Sharon Davis, a short-term Covenant missionary said, “The business will be like throwing a small stone in a pond, the ripple of establishing the enterprise will help the women help themselves, their families and their community.” Through this project and in partnership with SIRDEP, The Society for Initiatives in Rural Development and Environmental Protection, women will be able to purchase the necessary equipment and be trained on how to operate the equipment and running the food processing business.


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