Central Asia Agriculture

Central Asia Agriculture

In partnership with Partners International, Covenant World Relief is working with underemployed men and women in remote communities to develop sustainable businesses. The goal is to develop viable, low-risk, multipliable businesses that fit with the lifestyle and skills of the local community. Local resources (land, animals, trees, water, and people) will be invested in two projects – a poplar forest and a goat bank.

These small businesses will provide a livelihood for community members and will also benefit the environment through reforestation. These communities are struggling with extreme poverty and many are forced to migrate to urban areas in search of work. Though the focus is on economic development, families will also see an increase in their overall health and education.

Cost breakdown

$70 – Goat (100 needed)
$0.10 – Hybrid poplar sapling (5000 needed)


The current project in central Asia is fully funded at this time, but donations are still needed for agriculture and micro-enterprise projects around the world. Please use the links below to give.