Colombia Eggs

Colombia Eggs

The Foundation Pacto Belén in Colombia provides residential rehabilitation to impoverished children aged seven to twelve, many of whom live on the streets of Bogotá, with the problems of drug addiction and the behavioral issues associated with drug abuse. This chicken-egg project will benefit the children currently in the program, and will allow for another source of income so that they can be more fully self-sustaining. It will also allow them to raise funds to help more children.

Through the daily care of the chickens and harvesting of the eggs, children will be able to work on personal habits and responsibilities. They will also learn the occupational skills needed for egg production which will give them a viable way to make a living when they leave the Foundation. Further, the eggs will add another source of nutrition for their diets.

Another benefit of this program is the ability for the Foundation to raise income and become more self-sustaining and serve more children. The Foundation Pacto Belén has the capacity for eighty children but can only afford to serve thirty to forty children at this time. With this new source of income, they will be able to serve even more children.

Cost breakdown

$9 – Chick
$25 – Bag of chicken feed (240 needed)
$140 – Water tank


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