East Asia Left-Behind Women and Children

East Asia Left-Behind Women and Children

In East Asia there is great concern about the plight of children left behind with family members while their parents seek employment in the large cities. An advocacy organization reported recently that in a recent survey of the current ‘floating population’ (i.e. migrant workers) of 200 million workers there are 58 million left-behind children from the rural areas, and 30% of the parents of the left-behind children have been away from their homes for more than five years.

These children are beginning to show a higher prevalence of learning disabilities, depression, delinquencies, and more. In order to stem this trend locally, our partner organization has begun to encourage and assist a local school district by creating an after-school program. This after-school program will address the academic, emotional and social needs of the close to 350 left behind children through tutoring, counseling, games and other activities. In addition, the project will provide phone/video calls with the children’s parents.

In addition to caring for children, our partner organization is also working with the women who have been left behind. Women will participate in self-help groups, where they can share their lives with one another and learn new methods for caring for their homes and families. These connections with one another become invaluable as they learn to care for their many responsibilities together.


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