Ethiopia Water

Ethiopia Water

Gonbisa Kussaye is a small subsistence farming community (population 2,000) in Oromia, Ethiopia. Residents of Gonbisa Kussaye rely upon a muddy stream for their daily water supply – for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning clothes and dishes. Mothers and daughters walk several kilometers each day to fetch water for their families. The water is unfit for drinking, but it’s all they have. And they have to walk so far for their water that they can’t physically bring home enough to meet their daily needs. Lack of access to water means that this community is constantly struggling with diseases and constantly devoting multiple hours a day to a task that should only take minutes. They are trapped in a cycle of poverty, illness, and lack of opportunity. Keep reading…

Cost Breakdown

Drill a deep well more than 400 feet $45,180
Construct 6 water points $5,640
Construct a 7,500 gallon storage tank $6,100


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