Haiti Disability Rehabilitation

Haiti Disability Rehabilitation

It is estimated that at least 800,000 persons with disabilities were living in Haiti prior to the devastating earthquake that struck the country in January 2010. As a result of the earthquake, thousands of people lost their limbs. Entire communities were destroyed. Many people with disabilities were forced to flee from Port-au-Prince to seek medical assistance elsewhere. Unable to return to Port-au-Prince, these people settled in other parts of Haiti, around such major cities as Les Cayes, in southwest Haiti, which is where this program is located.

With our partner Medical Teams International, this program is the only one in the greater Les Cayes area providing ongoing comprehensive physical rehabilitation service that includes physical therapy, fabrication of custom artificial limbs and braces, and clubfoot correction. This program is led by Christian staff and collaborates with local Christian hospitals and medical facilities and churches throughout southwest Haiti.

This program empowers persons with physical disabilities to function independently and fully. It will increase the physical, educational, and economic capacity of persons with disabilities, reduce social stigma, and increase knowledge regarding abilities and legal rights.


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