India Covenant Social Services, Chopda

India Covenant Social Services, Chopda

In this tribal area, producing and selling wine illegally in neighboring villages is the major occupation. People do not have agricultural land and some of them do labor work for meager amounts. Chopda Taluka has twenty-three villages with 180,000 people recognized by the local government. There are small villages with no identity with the government and not included in the district map. The tribal people live in these far off places in the forest in groups and police do not interfere with their laws. There are no schools and transport facilities in these villages.

The major goals of the project are empowerment of women, economic strengthening of the community and establishing legal identity of unauthorized villages. The project will facilitate empowerment of women by helping them form groups and start locally feasible income generation projects. The education of children will be given importance through Balwadi (pre-school) and non-formal education programs. Attempts will be made to help the community access health care services. The youth will be encouraged to initiate small business. It is believed that these interventions will bring forth sustainable results and the people will be helped to empower themselves and claim their rights.


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