India Covenant Social Services, Dang

India Covenant Social Services, Dang

The Dang district in Gujarat is one of the poorest districts where all the social and health indicators are low. Poor access to government schemes has led to deprivation of rightful opportunities and services. The community speaks the Dangi language and do labor work to earn their livelihood. They belong to the Dang, Pawar, Vasawa, Chaudhary, and Gaudi tribes. Educational and medical facilities are nearly non-existent. The employment is seasonal and poor families migrate to the cities when there is no work. Few of them own land.

This project seeks to empower the local community by organizing them into self-help groups and giving them adequate training so that they may be able to manage their groups by themselves. This project will also provide care and educational opportunity to young children who have been deprived of education and provide financial assistance to needy persons to start small business. It will also make health care services available to people. The project will reach out to approximately 1,400 persons during the year.


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