Kyrgyzstan Animal Loan

Kyrgyzstan Animal Loan

Through a locally led and created project, families in remove villages of Kyrgyzstan are able to escape the cycle of poverty and find long-term and sustainable ways of providing for their family. This animal loan project will supplement a Covenant World Relief project from 2005 that has successfully served over two hundred families and has grown to incorporate nearly 550 animals. However, the central herd from the earlier project is aging and there is increasing demand from other communities to participate in this project because of its proven success.

A project family is given five to fifteen ewes (depending on the size of the family) to breed the animals for a period of two years. The offspring acquired during this time serve as seed animals for the family’s own herd. The ewes then are rotated to other families who use their own labor and resources to feed, care for, and shelter the animals. The purpose of the central herd is to allow the community to breed stock ewes to replace aging animals (which are then sold for meat and the proceeds reinvested in the central herd). The village communities will collectively provide all the material and human resources to maintain a central herd and to administer the program.

This project will give people means for a sustainable livelihood, will empower families to help themselves and their communities by working toward the common goal of improving their lives, will make this animal loan project completely self-sustaining for the long-term and provides a model project that can be expanded, contextualized and implemented in other communities.

Cost breakdown

$60 – Ewe (300 needed)
$250 – Ram (4 needed)
$725 – Winter feed for all animals


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