Pakistan Disaster Risk Reduction

Pakistan Disaster Risk Reduction

The Jhang and Layyah districts of Pakistan lie in flood-prone areas where natural and manmade disasters have become regular occurrences. Each year the authorities plan to make measurements of all kinds to lessen the losses, but the victims of the disasters believe that the authorities are not able to perform their tasks on time, which results in heavy losses to property, infrastructure, houses, and lives.

Given the poverty of the affected people, the flood damage is substantial. Although the districts are hazard-prone, their populations display an extremely low level of preparedness, which adds to their vulnerability and increases the likelihood of hazards turning into disasters. With our partner World Relief, this disaster risk reduction project will:

  1. Analyze the vulnerability of these flood-prone communities and identify hazards, vulnerabilities and coping capacities.
  2. Take effective measures for disaster prevention and mitigation to reduce the effects of future floods in the target areas.
  3. Equip communities with the knowledge and capacity to act for effective disaster risk management at times of disaster in order to reduce losses and damage to lives and property.

In the long-term, this project will provide 17 villages with additional skills and tools to prepare for and mitigate the impacts of periodic flooding.


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